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#CouleeCargoLife Demo Program

#CouleeCargoLife Demo Program

The ultimate in try-before-you-buy offerings. Welcome an electric cargo bike into your home and see how it works in your day to day family activities. Whether it's the school drop-off line, a grocery haul, or getting to practice on time, try it by bike!

Urban Arrow Family Cargo

Classic front-loading Dutch electric cargo bike that will never let you down and is easy to handle in traffic. Robust yet agile, durable yet light.

Tern HSD S11

Compact but amazingly useful. Can fit one child, or many loads of groceries. Stores vertically! Extremely accessorizable.


Tern GSD S10

Room for two passengers. Huge cargo-capable motor. Comfortable and easy to use. Incredibly versatile--you'll find new uses every day!

Riese & Müller Load4 60

The Load4 60 is so maneuverable and agile that you never feel like you’re on a cargo bike. Its low center of gravity, the Bosch Cargo Line motor and Riese & Müller Control Technology ensure a dynamic and outstanding riding experience.

The Process

1. Pick a bike 

2. Pick accessories for that bike (don't worry, we can help and are flexible) 

3. We deliver the bike & teach you about it

4. You sample the #CouleeCargoLife

All bikes will be delivered to your house at a time chosen by you (as best as we're able). They all use regular wall outlets to charge, and can run between 20 and 50 miles on a full battery.  Handover and delivery will include a quick lesson on using the bike, locking it, storing it, and carrying kids safely.

(Chose accessory options below to fit your lifestyle)

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