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Meet the Staff

Meet the Team

The Coulee Bicycle family enjoys all types of bikes and all the types of people who ride them.

Danny Johnson

Turning wrenches for over 10 years, Danny is ready to give your bike the attention it deserves.

Eddie Berendes

Eddie's not on social media, he's on his bike. Find him out there, or catch him in the shop.

Nicolette Reker ('20-'21)

Niki fell in love with bikes when her family bought a cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin when she was six years old. She may have cried nine out of ten times on the trail, but they have still became some of her favorite memories. Bikes have been apart of her life in various forms since. In recent years, bikes are an outlet to the longing for adventure. Bikes bring Niki on an adventure everyday, whether it is her commute to work, her average weekday ride, or an extravagantly planned out trip. 

Spencer WareJoncas ('20-'21)

Spencer is from Saint Paul, Minnesota, but is learning to love the Coulee Region. He finished his bachelors last Spring at St Olaf College, and is looking forward to being able to experience the bluffs in every season. He LOVES gravel riding.

Livi Hackbarth ('19-'20)

Livi Hackbarth is an adventure-seeker who loves getting away from the monotony of life by spending long days in the saddle. She’s always found bikes as her favorite way of travel and play—but it wasn’t until she toured through the Montana Rocky Mountains in 2018 that her true love for bikes blossomed. Riding gravel roads have been her most recent obsession and you can probably find her daydreaming about them often. She hopes to bring her love for riding on two wheels to everyone she meets.