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Colectivo Coffee

Serving only the finest of fresh-roasted whole bean coffees. Shop our selection of single origin, or farm blends.

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Colectivo Coffee Co-Optiva
Co-optiva is a celebration of the small-scale farmers who are committed to ...
Colectivo Coffee Turkey Trot Seasonal
This is the Seasonal Turkey Trot Blend brought to you by Colectivo Coffee. ...
Colectivo Coffee 10oz Diner Mug
This is very same mug used in Colectivo cafes for years! It's a tried-and-t...
Colectivo Coffee Indigo
As the birthplace of coffee Ethiopia also is the ancestral home of the natu...
Colectivo Coffee Starry Night
Whether gearing up for a crisp winter day or gazing at the night sky with f...
Colectivo Coffee Black & Tan
The black and tan has been a classic pub favorite for years. When a dark be...
Colectivo Coffee Guatemala Quetzal
Named for the resplendent long-tailed quetzal (ket-SAL), the national bird ...
Colectivo Coffee Velo French Roast
Fans of dark roasts, listen up! Velo is our version of the classic French R...
Colectivo Coffee Maximilian
Always on the lookout for a brooding, intense cup, Maximilian is the sentin...
Colectivo Coffee Del Sol Light Breakfast Blend
Sometimes we all need a little help waking up, and that’s where Del Sol com...
Colectivo Coffee Brazil Canarinho
Brazil Canarinho (Little Canary) sings a sweet and smooth tune. It is grown...
Colectivo Coffee Colombia Paso Fino
A Colectivo-exclusive coffee, Paso Fino comes from a group of small-scale f...