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Colectivo Coffee Peru Chirinos Los Balcones

Colectivo Coffee Peru Chirinos Los Balcones
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One of the most famous Fair Trade cooperatives in all of Peru, La Prosperidad de Chirinos has proven to be one of our most reliable producer partners over the years. The cooperative’s keen attention to quality control and traceability enables us to source several different coffees from each crop cycle, including this offering from a smaller group of farmers called Los Balcones. Since the early 2000s, the 48 members of Los Balcones have collaborated on refining their harvesting and processing techniques and now are well-known for the quality of their coffees. We love this selection for its grapefruit-like acidity as well as its complex flavors of plum, baking spices, and tart cherry.

Part Numbers

831754002695 02-906 210000000788